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    | Alexander Star

    In early 2011, AFR Clothing linked with professional songwriter, vocal producer and performer Alexander Star. Mr. Star is an advocate for education who writes music that uplifts as much as it entertains. AFR Clothing Co-Founder Kuda Biza sought out Mr. Star after hearing “Radio,” a song on Alexander Star’s debut album No Hype Just Hope in which he sends love out to Zimbabwe. Following their first meeting, their visions for positive movement united and Alexander Star was brought on as the official AFR Clothing brand ambassador. Soon after, AFR Clothing’s second donation was made to Chiedza Child Care Center in Harare, Zimbabwe.





    What does AFR Clothing mean to you?
    "For me, AFR is proof that good hearts still beat for others. The purpose of my music is enjoyment and inspirational movement, and AFR’s mission to “Educate AFRica One Shirt at at Time” aligns quite well with where my heart is when I write. I’m honored to be the Brand Ambassador for a company with such a noble cause." 

    How does it feel to be an ambassador of AFR Clothing?
    "It’s comforting to know that there are others out there who approach the world with love and hope as opposed to pessimism. It’s even more humbling to know that there are people taking action for positive change in a world that seems overly complacent. Being an AFR Brand Ambassador gives me affirmation that what I’m doing is being felt. What I’m saying is being heard, and with every AFR shirt sold and worn, what we’re doing is being seen. It feels like change is in the air ☆"